God's Love

Dear friends,
I see God's love every day. Today, I see the mercy and kindness He has bestowed in our hearts to feel the love for each other. I may not have met all of you, but you are writing about God and this compels me to love you for His sake.
I would like to introduce myself, so you know a little about me.
My name is Hajar, I moved to Irvine in 2001 with my husband of 22 years and my three children who are now 17,15,and 14 years old. I graduated from UCI in 2007 and became a teacher. I'm a Sunni Muslim, who is part of the NMSG (New Muslim Support Group),as well as the Outreach/Interfaith Committee at the Islamic Center of Irvine.
I enjoy exercising and being outdoors.  Most of all, I love helping the community at large. I like meeting people from other cultures and ethnicities.
Looking forward to your entries!

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  1. I am traveling from Arizona this year to meet again with sisters of all faiths. I have recently moved from CA.
    In this time of turbulence in the world, I want to connect with women of faith who believe in God and listen to his word. I believe that by meeting together we can strengthen each other and increase our peace and joy. See you soon. Barbara Petersen